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A Scottish tale of modern transformation

In the vibrant tapestry of global cultures, tartan stands as a thread of identity, weaving together history, heritage, and a sense of belonging. International Tartans, a pioneering force in reimagining the significance of tartan beyond its traditional boundaries, embarked on a transformative journey with Deck99 to elevate their digital presence. With a rich legacy and a vision for the future, International Tartans sought to transcend geographical confines and bring their unique tartan collections to a worldwide audience.

Pioneering identity and tradition

International Tartans, guided by the visionary David McGill, found their roots in the heart of Scotland, a land where tartan is not merely a fabric but an emblem of identity. With a belief that tartan should be celebrated as a universal heritage, International Tartans embarked on a mission to create distinct national tartans, representing countries from all over the world. These tartans, adaptable to diverse mediums like textiles, fashion, and accessories, symbolize a shared identity across borders.

Analysis of a tartan pattern

A digital evolution beckons

Before the collaboration with Deck99, International Tartans navigated the digital realm with an outdated website. While their mission was inspiring, their online presence didn't reflect the contemporary essence of their tartan creations. The challenge was twofold: revitalize the website's aesthetics to match the modern interpretation of tartan and seamlessly integrate an e-commerce platform to make their unique collections easily accessible to a global clientele.

  • Home page before the redesign
    Before: Home page
  • Home page after the redesign
    After: Home page
  • 'District Tartans' page before the redesign
    Before: 'District Tartans' page
  • 'District Tartans' page after the redesign
    After: 'District Tartans' page
  • 'Purple Rain Tartan' page before the redesign
    Before: 'Purple Rain Tartan' page
  • 'Purple Rain Tartan' page after the redesign
    After: 'Purple Rain Tartan' page

Crafting a tartan-infused Shopify experience

Deck99 embarked on a mission to translate the International Tartans' vision into a compelling digital experience. The heart of the solution lay in crafting a Shopify store that didn't just sell tartans but encapsulated the spirit of unity and diversity.

Part of 'Our Story' page on desktop screen
Part of 'Our Story' page on desktop screen

Design transformation

Deck99's design team orchestrated a visual metamorphosis, infusing the website with dynamic visuals that celebrated tartan's vibrancy. The design language seamlessly merged tradition with modernity, reflecting the essence of International Tartans.

Comparison between the old and new website design
Comparison between the old and new website design

Shopify integration

At Deck99, our approach to creating a remarkable Shopify store for International Tartans was founded on a commitment to crafting a self-sustaining digital ecosystem. We took a strategic decision to design and develop a Shopify store that thrives without dependence on any third-party apps. By harnessing the inherent capabilities of Shopify's core functionalities and customizing the platform to suit International Tartans' unique requirements, we ensured a seamless and efficient user experience. This bespoke approach not only enhances the store's performance and security but also empowers International Tartans with complete control over their online presence.

The result is a meticulously tailored Shopify store that embodies autonomy, scalability, and the embodiment of International Tartans' distinct identity, all while minimizing the complexities and costs associated with external integrations.

Tartan picker on desktop screen
Tartan picker on desktop screen
Product page on desktop screen
Product page on desktop screen

Product showcase

Each tartan tells a story, and Deck99 understood the importance of showcasing these narratives. The Shopify store featured captivating product descriptions, detailed imagery, and a user-friendly layout, making every tartan come alive on the digital canvas.

Integration of legacy

The journey from history to modernity was artfully integrated into the store's fabric. The tale of David McGill's legacy and International Tartans' commitment to cultural celebration found a special place, connecting with customers on a deeper level.

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